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Environmental Policy & Social Responsibility


MoneyKuber family understands its personal responsibility towards the nature and society. We try to maintain our environmental surroundings in our work place by keeping it clean. The methods being used for all our official activities are eco-friendly in nature to a very large extent understanding the needs of our mother planet earth.

Following measures are essentially taken by our team at MoneyKuber -

  • Clients are encouraged to make use of softcopies of documents for work instead of paper in order to avoid the ruthless cutting of trees.
  • Our concentration is more on the use of recycled products.
  • Avoidance in the use of vehicles to nearby places, and used only if really essential, and suggest the same to our clients and employees.
  • The office area as well as the surrounding areas is kept clean so that the environment remains healthy and clean.
  • Only essential electronic gadgets are used and the computer systems are optimized in such a way that they consume minimum electricity, in order to save the unnecessary consumption of power.
  • Continuous monitoring is administered by the higher authorities for keeping our surroundings clean, hygienic and healthy in the pursuit of the overall well-being of one and all.

            Being a citizen of India and more so as being a human being, it also becomes our moral responsibility to make some contribution in the donation funds for Uttarakhand flood victims. And for this cause, Moneykuber and all its employees are donating some part from salary to the Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund to help the government in rebuilding efforts in Uttarakhand. The company added that the employees have offered to donate a day’s salary each month for the cause.