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Moneykuber Financial Services, since its inception in 2008 as an independent and privately owned organization, has come a long way and today has emerged as a premium Indian stock & commodities consultancy, with an absolute focus on business and a commitment to provide “Real value for money to all its clients”.

In the present scenario of the entire world, the biggest worry of almost all the people is about ‘WEALTH’ i.e. ‘MONEY’. The riches are anxious about consistently maintaining and about the growth of their ‘WEALTH’, while the poor ones are worried about how to earn ‘MONEY’. Lord Kuber, is considered as the God of wealth, money and success in Indian mythology. He is the Lord of all treasures and the god’s treasurer.

We started with a limited set of Services and since 2008 we have been the pioneers in the launch of new products to increase customer profitability. Our employees have been empowered with knowledge and skill based training programs which enables us to provide superior customer support.We have in house experts with more than 5 years of cumulative experience in national & international market and we provide innovative and dependable solutions for our clients.Our target is to provide the most efficient & convenient advice with an assurance of high profits.Our tips are provided by a team of expert researchers who are highly qualified and experienced professionals of technical analysis and fundamental analysis which provide you ample opportunity to win the game of this market.

Our Research team consists of highly qualified analysts including CFAs, MBAs (Finance), CAs, and analytical experts who are skilled and impeccable in their analysis. These analysts, using their experience and latest software, are able to predict the movements in Equity/Commodity market in time and with high accuracy. As a result, using our tips, our clients gain the most out of the financial markets.Our Fundamental’s team studies the long term growth aspect of the market. Our Technical team tries to time the market which helps our daily and short term traders the opportunity at the right time and earn positive returns. Our Customer care team is fully dedicated to serve you at every point of time.We provide recommendations live through SMS and Chat room services. Our SMS facility is very effective which ensures the instant message delivery without any loss of time, so the clients get sufficient time to execute their trades in order to fetch maximum profits. Our diversified service offerings and recommendations come along with 80-90% accuracy. Our Business Development team is a bunch of highly dedicated and committed individuals who are trained to support the clients and solve their queries. We have a 24×7 customer support staff for an uninterrupted service to all our clients. Our main goal is to provide accurate and timely calls (tips) to our clients, where the clients can earn handsome profits.For this, we provide guidance in the finest possible way with complete support to our clients round the clock to all our subscribers.

We understand that it’s very tough and sometimes unbelievable to earn profit from the financial market but with our assistance and urge our client constantly earn more profit and multiply their wealth through the world’s financial market.